Little Growbags


What we do.

Daily routine.

Garden play area.


Babies: 3 months to 2 years.

We can cater for a total of 9 under 2's in two baby rooms. Three staff work in these rooms. The baby rooms have their own kitchenette equipped with a steam sterilser, fridge and bottle warmer.

We have a large range of baby toys. Cots are situated in an annexed sleep room. Colour coded bed linen is provided. We will work with babies' routines and parents are provided with a breakdown of their babies routine at the end of each nursery day.


Tweenies: (2 to 3 years).

Our tweenie room will accomodate up to 12 children with three staff. Staff plan a range of activities and games to meet each child's needs. We concentrate on colours, numbers 1 to 5 and basic letter recognition using the Jolly Phonics system.

This is usually the room where most children start potty training. We will always work with and be guided by parents at this time.

We operate a keyworker system in this room and whilst all the staff will work with your child, you will have a main point of contact within the room with which to discuss issues.


PreSchool: (3 to 5 years)

This room caters for up to 16 children with 2 staff. Children are encouraged and supported to become increasingly independant in all areas of their development and as such will choose from a range of activities, daily.



We offer a planned curriculum to meet all the early learning goals of the Foundation stage. Your child will be continually assessed and all activities are planned to help prepare them for the next stage in their life, big school.